Absolutely not.
Giving anyone your seed or even just typing it online or saving it in an internet-connected computer exposes you to potential theft. Someone who has all your seed words in the correct order may not think twice before stealing all your funds. In cryptocurrency, unlike banks and credit card companies, there’s no one you can sue or complain to.
To be safe, you shouldn’t trust us, you definitely shouldn’t trust the postal services and you may not want to trust your own friends and family, same way you wouldn’t just give anyone your bank passwords. Your seed words should be kept well hidden and secure.

Having said all that, our website allows ordering engraved seed words in a way that keeps you safe. First and foremost, the words you order are automatically ordered alphabetically (you are also encouraged to add them randomly when you place your order), so neither us nor someone intercepting the package can know the order of the words except you.

Second, you are encouraged to order more engraved units than you need. If, for example, you have a 24 word seed you need protecting, and you order 36 engraved units, then not only can no one figure out the right order, knowing which out of the 36 are really your words and which aren’t adds serious complexity to any potential theft, making the risk you’re taking minimal.

See our handy comparison to help you decide how many discs you should order, based on the trade-off between your budget and your level of protectiveness. These are just a few examples, you can of course order as many as your want.