We engrave words on stainless steel plates in various shapes and sizes. This product is custom made especially for you. In each steel plate product page you will find a box with all the words which are the various seed word possibilities. You can choose as many words as you’d like, you can even choose the same words more than once. Each word you choose will be engraved on a separate steel plate (one word for each plate). For example, choosing 16 words in the box for one of the steel plates means you’ll be getting 16 steel plates. Please note that when those plates get to you, you will organize and sort them according to the order of your seed phrase. The hole in each metal plate can be used to bind several plates together, in order to keep the order of the words. You can use one of the accessories in our accessory section of the store to bind the plates together. We offer various nuts & bolts, stainless steel wires and chains. Lastly, do not forget that hiding those plates somewhere is really important. We also offer great products for hiding those plates around your home, check them out once you’re done customizing your plates.