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A mnemonic phrase, mnemonic recovery phrase or mnemonic seed is a list of words which store all the information needed to recover a cryptocurrency wallet. Wallet software (like Jaxx or Exodus) or hardware wallets (such as Ledger Nano S or Trezor) will typically generate a mnemonic backup phrase and instruct the user to write it down on paper. If the user’s wallet is lost (computer breaks, currupted hard drive, cellphone stolen, hardware wallet destroyed), they can use the paper backup to get their crypto-currency back. Anybody else who discovers the phrase can steal the crypto coins, so it must be kept safe like jewels or cash. For example, it must not be typed into any website. Mnemonic phrases are an excellent way of backing up and storing crypto currency and so they are used by almost all well-regarded wallets.

You can read more about it in the Bitcoin Wiki.

Absolutely not.
Giving anyone your seed or even just typing it online or saving it in an internet-connected computer exposes you to potential theft. Someone who has all your seed words in the correct order may not think twice before stealing all your funds. In cryptocurrency, unlike banks and credit card companies, there’s no one you can sue or complain to.
To be safe, you shouldn’t trust us, you definitely shouldn’t trust the postal services and you may not want to trust your own friends and family, same way you wouldn’t just give anyone your bank passwords. Your seed words should be kept well hidden and secure.

Having said all that, our website allows ordering engraved seed words in a way that keeps you safe. First and foremost, the words you order are automatically ordered alphabetically (you are also encouraged to add them randomly when you place your order), so neither us nor someone intercepting the package can know the order of the words except you.

Second, you are encouraged to order more engraved units than you need. If, for example, you have a 24 word seed you need protecting, and you order 36 engraved units, then not only can no one figure out the right order, knowing which out of the 36 are really your words and which aren’t adds serious complexity to any potential theft, making the risk you’re taking minimal.

See our handy comparison to help you decide how many discs you should order, based on the trade-off between your budget and your level of protectiveness. These are just a few examples, you can of course order as many as your want.

Your seed words are like the master password that protects all your crypto funds. Anybody who discovers the phrase can steal the crypto coins, without any way for you to retrieve them back. It is essential to protect your seed words as best you can, not just from thefts but also from natural disasters like fire or floods.

One of the great ways of saving your seed phrase is splitting it and storing it in 3 different locations. The example in the image below shows you how to split a 24 word phrase into 3 groups of 16 words. If one group of words is stolen, the thief will not be able to reconstruct the full 24 word seed. If one set of words is accidentally lost, misplaced or thrown out, you can still use the remaining 2 sets to reconstruct your original 24 word seed.

We recommend following a few simple precautions:

  • Enter your seed words in random when selecting the engraving options (on top of that, we additionally shuffle the words you choose by alphabetically sorting them).
  • Add random words that are not part of your phrase (see table below for computed risks).
  • Place separate orders using different payment addresses, perhaps in different days, and have the order ship to different addresses (home, work, family, etc).

If you follow our advice and place an order for a few sets of seed words (24 words can be split into 3 groups of 16 so you can restore your full seed with 2 of the groups), then you should keep the engraved plates somewhere that’s safe from prying eyes, but somewhere you’ll remember! Burying it somewhere may not be such a good idea because you can forget where it is, or your dog can dig it up. We suggest finding small hideouts in both your own home and different places as well. So if you keep one set at home, one set at your parents place and one at work, a thief is less likely to get hold of 2 sets. A destruction or theft of one set can still allow you to restore your full seed (and in case of theft or a lost set, transfer your funds and create a new mnemonic phrase).


You are encouraged to order more engraved words than what you need (ordering more words, which you choose in random, makes the odds of your wallet getting hacked close to none, see table below). After the package (or packages) arrive, you will assemble your mnemonic phrase and you’ll be left with more words than what you need. We would recommend not throwing them away, but rather keeping them. Either as decoy around the house as a “fake” set of words, or save them somewhere for your next orders on the site. You will probably have more wallets, needing more sets of words, maybe ones you already got engraved.

Seed words are most commonly selected out of a known pool of words. For Bitcoin and other coins derived or forked from it (ZCash for example), this list consists of 2048 words. This word list is in the public domain, you can see it here. In the case of Monero and other derived coins, this list contains 1626 words and can be found here.


We try to store as little information as possible. There are no login screens here, so no usernames and passwords are stored. The only thing we need is your address for shipping the package. Some postal services may send you an SMS if you include your phone number, but it’s not required. The information about your order is kept encrypted on our servers and is automatically deleted after 30 days.

We engrave words on stainless steel plates in various shapes and sizes. This product is custom made especially for you. In each steel plate product page you will find a box with all the words which are the various seed word possibilities. You can choose as many words as you’d like, you can even choose the same words more than once. Each word you choose will be engraved on a separate steel plate (one word for each plate). For example, choosing 16 words in the box for one of the steel plates means you’ll be getting 16 steel plates. Please note that when those plates get to you, you will organize and sort them according to the order of your seed phrase. The hole in each metal plate can be used to bind several plates together, in order to keep the order of the words. You can use one of the accessories in our accessory section of the store to bind the plates together. We offer various nuts & bolts, stainless steel wires and chains. Lastly, do not forget that hiding those plates somewhere is really important. We also offer great products for hiding those plates around your home, check them out once you’re done customizing your plates.

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Combination Examples


Amount of engraved discs

Secret Sharing (Sets of 16)


Equivalent in 1st prize lottery winning

High quality & indestructible

How to Order?

Dirt Cheap



~3 times in a row

Choose a shape for the stainless steel plate (circle, rectangle, etc).

Randomly select your 24 words





~4 times in a row

Choose a shape for the stainless steel plate (circle, rectangle, etc).

Select 16 words out of your 24, repeat 3 times, use the handy guide here.

Most Popular

Tin Foil Hat




~5 times in a row

Choose a shape for the stainless steel plate (circle, rectangle, etc).

Select 16 words out of your 24, repeat 3 times, use the handy guide here

Add 16 random words that are not in your 24 word set.





~6 times in a row

Choose a shape for the stainless steel plate (circle, rectangle, etc).

Select 16 words out of your 24, repeat 3 times, use the handy guide here.

Add 48 random words that are not in your 24 word set.

Split the order into 2-3 separate orders, pay using different accounts, ship to different addresses.

* The table represents examples in a case where your mnemonic phrase consists of 24 words.
* The concept of “Secret Sharing” is based on splitting your 24 words into sets of 16. See our FAQ for further information, if you’re not familiar with the technique.
* “Risk” means the chance you’re taking that the package will be intercepted and someone will hack your wallet and steal your coins. For example, if you order 48 engraved tags, the chances that someone intercepting those tags will be able to know which 24 words are yours and what’s their order – is equivalent to winning the 1st prize in the lottery 4 times in a row. 
* Winning the 1st prize in the Powerball lottery – one in 292,000,000. Winning once is highly unlikely, winning multiple times in a row requires divine intervention.